Who's going to the #astd2013 event at Gilley's tonight. Let's make a point of connecting. #ccastd
What an amazing group of folks at #astd2013 for our session on moving trainers from the classroom to VILT and webinars. Thanks to all!
@Stephen_Robbins thanks. Hope you enjoyed the session and learned lots.
@1stKittyHawk thanks for the plug. Hope to meet you today at #astd2013
@PavelVokoun Thank you so much for the support. Glad you found it valuable. Have a terrific day.
Would love to meet you today to discuss how to get your company and trainers to use webinars and VILT. I'll be around booth 313 at #astd2013
If you are trying to roll out webinar-style training (VILT) in your company, join me today #astd2013 for session TU211
@Kristiecmii Thanks for favoriting my tweet. Hopefully i'll see you at the session tomorrow on VILT at #astd2013
Great day at #astd2013 today. Happy Hour tonight with folks from @CCASTD at Iron Cactus cafe. Join us!
If you're coming to my session on VILT at #astd2013 tomorrow, you might enjoy this blog post on presenting webinars http://t.co/HgxbNZzpqo
Intentional silence or dead air? http://t.co/H52iEWQ4Mg When is being quiet on a #webinar a good thing and when is it bad? #astd2013 #pmi
#astdlearntech hey are you around today? Would love to say hi. Am in the bookstore
I'm at #astd2013 and have learned one thing. @trishuhl is the Kevin Bacon of this conference. Is there anyone she doesn't know?
@LisaHaneberg just missed yoi at the bookstore. Are you around? Will be at the hardrock tonight and #astd2013 tomorrow
@trishuhl @CCASTD I'll be at the happy hour Monday night, and Lee and I are already in contact. It'll be a fiesta, I promise
@astdworkforce Let's meet up in person while at #astd2013. I'll be there sunday-Wednesday.
@trishuhl Sounds like fun. How long will you be there? I get in Sunday
@wallybock If I haven't told you in a while how much I appreciate this every week, I do. Let's touch base after ASTD
Next stop @ASTD2013 to speak on moving trainers to the virtual platform and meet cool people. See you there? #CCASTD #ASTD
@eiconnection Saw your invite on LinkedIn. I'll be speaking @astd2013 I will stop by and say hi.
@reniemcclay No problem. Let's meet up while we're there. I get in Sunday and leave Wednesday mid day.
@KouzesPosner Jim i am speaking there as well. Let's make sure we connect
The most surprising things about presenting online http://t.co/CVnmRQ0Hkj #webinars #pmi #astd #astd2013
Are Your Training “Virtually” Blind? http://t.co/rMyEzw724U See you at #ASTD2013 Let's connect.
http://t.co/rMyEzw724U How are you helping your trainers move to online delivery? See you at #astd2013 #webinar #presentationskills
10 days to #astd2013 If you're going to be there, let's connect! Let me know how http://t.co/7q0N8QRTxT can help.
Attending #astd2013 ? I'll be leading "How NOT to roll out VILT on Tuesday. Let's meet when we're there!
Assess, create and manage remote teams webinar workshop May 29 http://t.co/JUrCHawRno #pmi #astd #teams
Learn to lead effective online meetings http://t.co/yLsb1hOAie #pmi #projects #MSLync
Learn to present virtually with our online workshop May 28 and 301 registrant. Enroll now.http://t.co/ielEVELdCm
#blackhawks I love ya but lighten up. #hiresusannahcollins someone.
#blackhawks were wrong. Someone #hiresusannahcollins . She's funny and knows hockey. Heck ,marry her
#blackhawks someone #hiresusannahcollins funny & knows hockey. Heck marry her.
#blackhawks overreacted. Someone #hiresusanahcollins
Talk to Wayne Turmel (@greatwebmeeting) on Clarity https://t.co/EHKkeNh6PY #advice Any Clarity users need help with webinars or webmeetings?
Genghis Khan Never Used WebEx- What If He Did? http://t.co/hWtUHpGFsQ #vr4smallbiz
Project managers and leaders: Can you make your webmeetings at least as productive as traditional ones? http://t.co/2OzJjExbZC
How to make web meetings work like real ones http://t.co/OQwUAext6K Are they productive or just a waste of time? You can make them work
What beans are you counting? http://t.co/KOj0Xbsj4X Do you really understand the savings and costs of #webinar s and virtual meetings?
Three reasons you can't get webinars ready on time http://t.co/0liR4I12O8 Do you treat them like problems or projects?
@pmiglc Looking forward to speaking at the Spring Symposium on Beating the hype cycle: getting people to use tech tools. See you there!
Very excited to speak at #ASTD2013 on how NOT to roll out Virtual Instructor Led Training. Who's going?
Looking forward to speaking at the PMI Great Lakes symposium on the 26th. http://t.co/ccwQto3DO5 #projectmanagement #PMI
Three reasons you can't get webinars ready on time http://t.co/0IaxDqdzlu If you don't treat them like projects, they aren't priorities
@TiltedKiltPub Thanks to the gang @ the kilt in Woodridge IL for the #blackhawks tickets. Can't thank you enough!
@Christal_Guziec thanks so much. It was a blast.
Help the beancounters realize how much money bad web meetings are costing you. http://t.co/Be9FQxJsef #pmi #astd #telework
The ROI of bad webmeetings http://t.co/iCyiXY6nDV The math means we need to do a better job running online meetings!!
Don't leave webinars to your interns! http://t.co/mrpwe97qnN #vr4smallbiz
What happens the first two minutes of your webinar to engage (or lose) your attendees? http://t.co/am0syefvWC
How is your remote team doing? Learn to assess, create and manage remote teams with our workshop April 24 http://t.co/gN96IhKNXc #pmi #astd
Learn to present effectively online. 2-part workshop April 22 and 25 http://t.co/y6Z6IA8WyY
Do your Webex meetings get the job done? Learn how to Lead Effective Virtual Meetings workshop april 30 http://t.co/JzJhnISlKH
join me and @communispond for a FREE webinar on why good presenters struggle online April 18 http://t.co/mH2gbS1Um0
Thanks to @marksalot02 for being our 1600th Follower!
The first two minutes of your webinar http://t.co/q5FZDXF5Zl Your success is determined by how you start #webinar #pmi #webconferencing
Working remotely and the odds of promotion http://t.co/3WKXctRcSg How to make remote working help your career not hinder it #pmi #astd
@LUCBENE @SCOREChicago thanks so much. Let me know how we, can be a resource to you
This is the session I'll be leading at #ASTD 2013 http://t.co/OBqjVgP0hV How are you preparing YOUR trainers for virtual classes?
The future of visual management (is here) http://t.co/TDXvjCGr3N via @sharethis don't know about the future, but can a TV help your team?
@LeanKit Thanks for favoriting my post today on middle managers blocking webinar success!
Are managers the biggest problem with webinars? http://t.co/hEtt37IMHw Why do managers get in the way of virtual meetings? #pmi #hr
How to avoid yahoo's telecommuting chaos http://t.co/xzjMDOij3t Could this hoo-hah have been avoided? #telework #pmi #astd
Are you smarter than Yahoo? How do you know? http://t.co/dV16kuNcRv #vr4smallbiz
How your company can avoid the telecommuting crisis Yahoo is suffering http://t.co/Ccvlpf9iFy let us help assess your team.
How to avoid yahoo's telecommuting chaos http://t.co/ysrUI0ldSs Is your company really ready to work virtually?
Is Yahoo wrong about telecommuting? Maybe. http://t.co/DDOSV6IvdY Have you assessed your remote team lately? Save 25% this month
Yahoo Take Notice: 5 Workers Who Can Ruin Your Day http://t.co/t1pS7RJ9VY via @Inc @Sales_source knows his stuff
Check out Text By Cell's newsletter. It includes one of our articles on Texting vs. Email. http://t.co/LZBdadW1D0
Listen to a great podcast interview with @jtcobb on doing great training #webinars #astd #hr #training http://t.co/lE1SaSWDSu
Are your remote teams better than Yahoo's? Get 25% off a remote team assessment in March. http://t.co/toI3UHRSNk #pmi #astd #telework
We'll be presenting at the #PMIGLC Great Lakes 2013 Symposium on "Beating the Hype Cycle" Will you be there? http://t.co/dXflBXbBc0 #pmi
@ASTDLearnTech Thanks for the RT. Is Yahoo wrong about telecommuting? http://t.co/YT533VISvC
A couple of questions about Yahoo's #telework policy. Do they have a point? http://t.co/DDOSV6IvdY #projectmanagement #HR
Is Yahoo wrong about telecommuting? http://t.co/g6XVzaftg9 It's not as simple as you might think. #pmi #telecommuting #astd
Why people don't pay attention on webinars http://t.co/UoPOUhsSve Are you giving them compelling reasons to listen? #pmi #hr #astd
@LyricOpera bringing the wife to see Rigoletto for her birthday this evening. She is over the moon.
Learn to Create and Manage Remote Teams. Webinar classes now open through April http://t.co/mPtLLagy4P #pmi #astd
Need to learn to lead good online meetings? Our calendar of training programs is now up through April http://t.co/mPtLLagy4P #pmi #astd
Our calendar of public training webinars on Web Presentation Basics is now up through April http://t.co/mPtLLagy4P Join us won't you?
Speaking @SCORE Chicago today on how small biz uses webinars and webmeetings. Visit us to see how http://t.co/CbE5eF5i1x
Had an amazing time with the family @Chicago_Wolves last night. So much fun, beating my old hometown Abbottsford in a Shootout
@reniemcclay @HydeCrystal Great blog, thanks for tweeting
Why Don't Trainers Love Virtual Training? http://t.co/XMs3BB5X #vr4smallbiz
@reniemcclay Renie, thanks for the linklove for 10 Steps to Successful Virtual Presentations. Most grateful
Texts instead of email? http://t.co/mzu0qWYm When should you use on or the other? #pmi #astd #hr
@KevinEikenberry Thanks for the linklove, brother. You're remarkable
What can managers learn from the Manti Teo uproar? Maybe people aren't who you think they are http://t.co/UMoI4CCX #hr #pmi #astd
What can your remote team or project learn from the Manti Te'o scandal? A surprising amount...http://t.co/UMoI4CCX #teamwork #hr #leadership
What remote teams can learn from Mantei Te'o http://t.co/66kIZHH2 Seriously, there's a lesson here. #pmi #astd #hr
@ASTDLearnTech you know where to find me. At your disposal
Thanks to everyone at #astdtk13 I had a blast and great meeting everyone. Now on to Dallas for ICE
@VickiePynchon Thanks for following! How can we add value to your network? Visit us at http://t.co/N7WtVmFk
Logical Operations Named Cisco Vega Learning Distributor of the Year http://t.co/cwGxjern Nice work from our Strategic Partner!
Next speaking gig: SCORE Chicago on how small businesses and startups use webinars and webmeetings. Will you be there Feb 21?
Think running your team is tough? Try running a whole country via Skype http://t.co/rI7zHWXp #teams #projects #pmi #hr
Running a country via Skype http://t.co/9qixqout Think running your remote team is tough? Think about this. #pmi #astd #hr
@GABORELL1977 Not quite sure what you're asking... not really an app developer. Wish I could help but need more info.
amazing to meet @InSyncEU the #webinarmanifesto guys and others in person (finally) at #astdtk13
5 reasons to use chat in your online meetings and webinars http://t.co/BWqyl9KP #webinar #pmi #remoteteams #webex #lync
Why you should use chat in webmeetings http://t.co/ylTK8NwT Do people use the tools at their disposal? #pmi #astdtk13
#astdtk13 opens today. Looks like there's a big push on mobile learning. Do you have a strategy for your remote team? #pmi #astd
At #astdtk13 and ready to rock http://t.co/IFKkyXR4
@InSyncEU enjoy the show. I arrive this afternoon. Maybe we can connect to say hi.
@bigkid good luck! Enjoy your big night
@ASTDLearnTech on my way. See you there. Coffee at some point?
Packing for #ASTDTK13. Leading two sessions and a book signing but most excited about meeting new folks. Who'd like to meet up while there?
Is anyone going to #ASTDTK13 (TechKnowledge) next week in San Jose? I will be delivering two sessions of :The Good, the Bad and the Best- H…
Is Over-Politeness ruining your team meetings and productivity? http://t.co/AqI9q3lj remote teams #pmi #astd #telework #leadership
How politeness can ruin your team's meetings http://t.co/bLnT225P Is being too nice a problem in getting results? #pmi #astd
Web Meetings Need Humans More Than Technology http://t.co/hyWUHyPm #vr4smallbiz
@GABORELL1977 absolutely. Skype is http://t.co/vE58wQWT or at the office. And I'm sorry van persie left Arsenal!
@UncleAdam Can you smell the sweaty equipment? It's Hockey Season. Our boys play each other next week....should be a good one.
@GABORELL1977 hmm Webex training center, adobe connect, eluminate, maybe Blackboard? Can't remember the rest. Call if you need more.
Stop answering email on web meetings and conference calls. Really, you can do it.http://t.co/3kG2v0pD #astdtk13 #pmi
Stop answering email and listen! http://t.co/V4wiaqnj Seriously, it is possible #ASTDTK13 #pmi
Mapping the power in your organization http://t.co/FzpynuXM This is a great way to see where you need to build relationships. #pmi #astd
#sctopten bulls goofy steal and passing in the fourth quarter. When you're hot....
Any @ccastd people going to #astdtk13 in San Jose? Let's meet up
Just found out, I'll be signing books at #astdtk13 on Friday morning after my session. 10 steps to successful virtual presentations
@webucator Very excited to see you there. Looking forward to it!
@MavLeanKT Doing a couple of sessions there. Let's make sure to meet!
Are you interested in using webinars, webmeetings and online presentations more effectively? Check out our all-new http://t.co/EKQwJLht
@shashib Thanks for the kind RT. Have a great weekend
Do we need more PowerPoint tools? Here's one worth looking at and why http://t.co/zZ7hiYV6 #webinar #presentations
Do we need more PowerPoint tools? http://t.co/g7A8wiG9 Actually, we really need to be more thoughtful about how we use it, but this is cool
@ManageAmericans Thanks for following us. How can we add value to your network?
@PamFR thanks for the retweet and the kind words
Our new improved website is up for the world to see http://t.co/N7WtVmFk for the best free resources on webinars, webmeetings and more
@bigkid @almusarea @dawnjmahoney Thanks for the linklove today. Happy new year!
Five remote team new year's resolutions http://t.co/oOng0lxQ #pmi #astd #webinar
Is IT finally getting it? http://t.co/ePwg6hiC #pmi #technology #ASTDTK2013
Is IT finally getting it? http://t.co/wI8yFUfx Are the geeks helping us mere mortals? Believe it or not, yes. #pmi #astd
Skype, LYNC and why Microsoft is smarter than you think http://t.co/ohdk6Wc0 Learn to use it well, and it will serve you well. #pmi #astd
Virtual meetings and winning the lottery http://t.co/gQ9nsvbF What do your online meetings reveal about your team? #pmi #webinars #astd
Five reasons virtual meetings don't stink http://t.co/YFUXEE6w Okay, too many do but it's not like they HAVE to #pmi #projectmanagement
A great session of Leading Effective Virtual Meetings with @FloraMarriott and her team at Interchange &Consort Hotels in the UK. Thanks all
@epsisocialmedia check me out at http://t.co/EKQwJLht but it's mostly online presentations, remote team building and meeting leadership
@epsisocialmedia Hmmmm, not a core competence but maybe I can help. Give me a call to discuss. 630 541 9154
Five reasons virtual meetings don't stink http://t.co/mn62rBvP Oh most of them do... they just don't have to. #pmi #astd #webinar
Declutter your online presentations http://t.co/KQqNQkS7 #pmi #meetings #webinar
Declutter your online presentations http://t.co/NotQAgpd #webinars #pmi #astd
@epsisocialmedia Thanks for the RT, glad you found us a good resource. How else can we help?
@NickStepanovich @mgissues Thank you for the Retweet! Hope you all enjoyed the article!
Virtual training is real training http://t.co/XYPRuzy9 Why bosses won't leave people alone when they're in online training& why they should.
Virtual training is real training. When people are taking an online class,managers should let them take it unmolested. http://t.co/x73qdpZz
Very Excited for #ASTDTK13. Doing my session 2X: Bad, Better, Best- How to implement virtual instructor led training.
Amplifiers, speedometers and online presentations http://t.co/GYxbXRTZ Tips for better online presentation skills. #webinar #presentations
Why do so few people use webmeetings well? http://t.co/kG6Gdu37 If you've never seen a good one, why would you use them?
Just found out I'll be presenting @ASTD 2013 National Conference: True stories of rolling out VILT the right and wrong! See you there?
No more fast food webinars http://t.co/02Vrehno #webinar #pmi #astd
@ce_mba thanks for the retweet, brother. All good in your world?