The Cranky Middle Manager Show- Wayne Turmel and the Smartest People in the Business

For 6 years and 316 episodes, The Cranky Middle Manager has been one of the most popular and respected management podcasts in the world.

The top thinkers in the world of management, business and leadership stopped by this irreverent, funny and though-provoking podcast.

Wayne Turmel, president of, talked to great thinkers like Marshall Goldsmith, Jim Kouzes, Ken Blanchard, Frances Hesselbein and many, many more. Humor, history lessons, thought-provoking quotes and outrageous candor made this program unique and well worth listening to.

Although we're no longer producing new episodes, you can still check out the archives on almost any topic that effects the "4 Disciplines of Highly Effective, Leadership Exhibiting, Project Nailing, Cheese Moving Managers".

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"One of the top HR Blogs in the world"  Bloomberg Business Week
"Wayne and his show are irreverent, funny and well worth a listen. He doesn't get caught up in the normal BS of management thinking. Take a listen."  Marshall Goldsmith