Advanced Web Presenting And Facilitation

All trainers and facilitators can struggle to present effective learning experiences via the web. Help them learn the best practices of great webinar and synchronous training to make the transition from the classroom to the online world.

Moving from the classroom or meeting hall to a virtual presentation environment can be difficult. Even experienced presenters, trainers and subject matter experts complain about the constraints of the online environment. Their audiences aren’t crazy about it either.

  • 60% of experienced presenters report polled about online presentations report “hating it” or “not liking it very much” yet 80% have received to live coaching or training on the platform or online facilitation
  • Over half of experienced trainers expected to deliver online have never participated in a well-led virtual webinar or class before being asked to deliver themselves
  • 60% of virtual class attendees list the instructor’s style or skill as one of the reasons for not enjoying a webinar based learning session.

We work with small groups on the web presentation platform of your choice to build on their existing presentation, training and facilitation skills to use web meetings to overcome barriers to effective learning and get more return on your training investment.

This course is ideal for: Classroom trainers, subject matter experts and technical professionals who have a working knowledge of, and experience at, web presenting and Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)


This 2-part webinar workshop is designed for up to 10 participants to allow maximum interaction and learning. The first part of the program is a 90+ minute, interactive and engaging webinar. This webinar teaches the challenges of delivering effective training and webinars in an online environment, and how to organize content to fit the webinar and web-presentation environment. It also teaches the best practices of online facilitation to ensure learning transfer and student engagement. Part 2 is small-group, hands-on presentations on the platform they’ll actually use. They’ll get coaching from their peers and a professional, knowledgeable expert.

This course includes copies of the course visuals and a PDF, re-printable packet of planning tools they can use for future presentations.

Course Objectives

At the end of this program, participants will understand and be able to model:
  • Why interaction matters and how to solicit responses from your participants
  • Tools of engagement
  • Assessing your audience for understanding
  • Questioning for effect
  • Organizing your content for the online environment and converting traditional courseware and materials

What good is saving money on time and travel if teams aren’t productive and have the strong kind of working relationships that get the work done? Help your leaders develop core leadership skills for the way we really work today.

Because of its specific nature and necessary customization to your environment, this course is not available as an individual enrollment webinar. Contact us for more information.