Meet Like You Mean It Book

Meet Like You Mean It- A Leader's Guide to Painless and Productive Virtual Meetings


Available May 1, 2014


Did you know:

  • 2/3 of online meetings are considered a waste of time? That's hundreds of millions of hours and brain cells wasted
  • 75% of virtual meeting leaders use fewer than 25% of the available features?
  • 3/4 of participants admit to answering email or multitasking while on virtual meetings
  • 80% of online meeting leaders receive no training in the proper use of the tools or how to lead an effective meeting?

Virtual meetings are a fact of life for leaders today. Yet too many online meetings are boring and don't get the job done. In this invalulable book, you'll learn:

  • Why we think webmeetings suck and why we're too often right
  • How to focus your thinking on outcomes instead of process
  • What features are commonly available to encourage audience participation and quality work
  • How to plan, conduct and follow up on webmeetings to change the way you and your team work forever

This is the first book written for managers who have to lead remote projects and functional teams. You'll never look at leading virtual meetings the same.

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"I consider Wayne the world's foremost expert on making virtual meetings more productive."

Geoffrey James, author of Business Without the Bullsh*t

“This book will give you the tools, processes and belief you need to succeed.   It might be the most tactically important book you read this year”.

Kevin Eikenberry, bestselling author of Remarkable Leadership

"Online meetings are a core skill for leaders today. This book gives the candid, practical advice we all need"

Bill Rosenthal, CEO Communispond/Logical Operations

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