Beating the Hype Cycle How To Get People To Use Web Presentation Tools You've Already Paid For

“We bought a web presentation platform but no one is using it- we’re wasting money”

“We have moved a lot of our meetings online to save budget but they’re not productive”

“We rolled out the platform company wide but we’re getting a lot of pushback”

If you’re hearing these complaints inside your company, you’re not alone. Millions of dollars are wasted each year in communication solutions that are badly used, under-used or just plain resisted in the hopes that “this too shall pass” like so many initiatives before it.

It’s not uncommon. You’re in the grips of “the Hype Cycle”. It’s common—and can be overcome.

People will use technology if rollouts are properly handled. Read how we worked with one client to get people using their web presentation tools and seeing a return on their technology investment. Then contact us to share how confident you are that your people are using these tools to sell, present and manage their teams to the best of their abilities.

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