3 Keys to Successful Remote Teams and Projects

I have a confession. Despite being someone who is associated with remote team tools, webinars and similar digital voodoo, I have precious little use for technology. When working remotely, though, it becomes part of the landscape. To ignore it is just crazy. But to be obsessed with it makes equally little sense. Technology is only one third of the equation.

There are three factors that make up a successful remote team, and each is equally important. Those three things are:

  • A shared vision:- Does everyone know what we're doing, why and how we'll go about it?
  • Accountability: Okay, so they know. Are they doing it and what will you do about it if they're not?
  • The tools to do the job: Ok, to the technology. If you're working remotely and don't have at least the basic tools to do the job (or you have them but have no clue how to use them), you can be aligned and accountable and still be ineffective or unproductive

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