5 Ways to Engage Remote Workers

Zane Safrit is a smart guy, and he is far more obsessed about employee engagement and recognition than I am....which is a good thing. He offers 52 ways managers can reach out and help their people really connect. Here are five of them, as quoted in Management-Issues this week:

One of my least favorite topics to write about is employee engagement. That doesn't mean it's not important, because it is. It also doesn't mean I'm unconcerned about the people who work for and with me, because I am. Really. I just find that the reasons people disengage are numerous and infuriatingly complex. And it's even more critical, infuriating and complex when it comes to working relationships within virtual teams.

Fortunately, not everyone feels this way. My colleague Zane Safrit offers some simple tips to increase engagement in his new e-book, Recognize Them- 52 Ways to Recognize Employees in Ways They Value". While the book doesn't really distinguish between co-located and remote teams, I think there are some tips that apply particularly to working virtually and the relationships necessary to make it work.

Let me point out a few at random, and why they particularly resonate when you're not in the same place at the same time.

  1. Call before their first day
  2. Celebrate their birthday
  3. Give them family time
  4. Explain why their accomplishments matter
  5. Ask them what tools they need to "do the right things right"

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