Remote Team Communication Effectiveness

80% of managers now have direct reports who work somewhere other than with their boss. More and more communication is being done through technology: webinars, web meetings, blogs, wikis, teleconferences and more are the tools of the new leader’s trade. How well are your people using these tools? How do you know?

We can help you assess the health of your remote project and functional teams. The answers could mean increased productivity, better employee retention and a bigger return on your communication technology investment.

Using simple tools and questioning, we help you determine:

  • How do managers feel about their team communication?
  • How do employees feel about their manager and the organization?
  • What are the communication challenges that are impacting task completion?
  • How well do your teams use both synchronous and asynchronous technology to build great human working relationships?
  • Where can you improve quickly to get the best return on your investment?

Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs and learn how we can help you leverage today’s tools to build great working relationships that drive the results you need.