Web Presentation Readiness Assessment

We know we need to do more webmeetings and webinars, we just don’t know where to start”
“We have a web presentation tool, but no one’s using it- we’re wasting money”

What does getting your company's webinar strategy up and running have to do with eating an elephant? Well, besides the fact that if you don't get your webinars generating revenue and customer engagement you may be reduced to eating what you can kill, it's really about doing it one bite at a time.

Our "Where Do I Start" Assessment is the most cost-effective way to save time, money and break that elephant down into bite-sized chunks. For a very small investment you'll receive a professional, objective written report that answers your questions:

Where do we want to go?
We'll interview key stakeholders and create a list of desired outcomes that align with your objectives for the year.

Where are we now?
We'll assess your current capability in the key areas (training, existing web content, personnel, resources) and give you an honest appraisal of where you're starting from. We scour the industry for best practices you can apply immediately and how you stack up against the competition.

Where do we go from here?
We take your goals and break them down into small "bite sized" action items so planning and budgeting is easy and the task becomes less daunting. Our a la carte approach means you can budget effectively, either for small items or larger projects. Either way, budgeting is easier to plan.

Many of our recommendations will require less of your budget and time than you think- so you'll be able to take action faster.
Our recommendations are always “no-obligation”. Use your internal resources, use someone else or allow us to help you execute against your strategic goals to drive your business forward.

We know your internal resources are strained by time, priorities and other constraints. You'll see instant return on a small investment and help propel your company’s objectives.

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