Webinar And Web Demo Mystery Shopper Services

Your marketing and sales people are hard at work using webinars and web presentation tools. As with most things in life, there might be room for improvement-- and each improvement means more money to your bottom line.

Get an objective, professional, customer’s-eye view of your webinars and sales demos.  We deliver it in plain English with easy to understand recommendations and action steps for improvement.

We look for:6 Weeks to a Great Webinar

  • What’s the customer experience like?
  • Is your webinar moving people through the sales cycle?
  • Is it attracting the right audience?
  • Is it presented professionally?
  • What are you doing well, that you should keep doing?
  • What can you do better for next time?

All feedback is based on our best-selling book "6  Weeks to a Great Webinar- Generate Leads and Tell Your Story to the World".  A small investment now can save you wasted marketing dollars and increase your sales.

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