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From ASTD TechKnowledge13 How 3 Companies Moved From Classroom to VILT

If you weren't at ASTD's TechKnowledge2013, you missed our presentation entitled, "The Good, the Bad and the Best: How 3 Companies Moved From the Classroom to VILT". It outlines the best practices in helping classroom trainers and Subject Matter Experts make the transition to "webinar" delivery. Included are the key PowerPoint files, as well as the handout that went to all participants. Please take advantage... and if we can be of any assistance, contact us.


6 Weeks to a Great Webinar Timeline and Project Checklist

Webinars are great marketing and outreach tools, but they can also make you crazy. If only you had a checklist that walked you through the entire project from first idea, through planning, marketing, designing, delivering and following up on the project.


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