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Remote Leadership Certification Second Session Added!

If you want to learn the skills needed to lead remote teams and be able to demonstrate your competence to you boss, here's your chance. Our first Remote Leadership Certificate Series sold out, but new classes start July 22nd. Join us and our partners at Remarkable Leadership to learn the skills you need to thrive in today's virtual environment.

In one series of webinar workshops you'll learn:


Are Project Management and People Management All That Different?

I just got back from speaking to a group of Project Managers (PMI folks to be specific) about remote team communication and virtual meetings. I love it. In fact, I will do it any time I can. Yet during Q and A, one of these smart, accomplished, well-meaning people will usually make a statement that makes me crazy. Something like: “Wayne, this is all great information, but it’s for people managers. We’re project managers and that’s different”.

So is Project Management different (or not) than what we normally think of as team, or functional, managing?


Manage Like You Love Your Team

We talk a lot on this blog about leading virtually. Webmeetings, training and collaboration might be different if you loved them, not just led them.

How do you feel about the members of your team? Do you like everyone? Now, let's take it further. Do you love them? If the very subject gives you the willies, and makes you uncomfortable, I apologize, but it's worth asking.


Orders and Degrees of Leading Remotely

Here's a question to ponder: Is leading a remote team really different from leading a team where everyone's in the same room? The answer depends on where you put the emphasis in that question. Is it different, or is it really different?

In my work with clients around the world, I've come to believe that what you're looking at are degrees of difference, rather than orders of difference.


Open Questioning Skills for Remote Leaders and Projects

Most leaders understand how open questions get better information than closed questions. We also think we're pretty good at asking them on virtual meetings and webinars. We're wrong.

 Closed questions, as a reminder, are those that allow for a one word or short answer. (You get me?) They are not evil, they just don't really give you a lot of information. Especially in the vacuum of cyberspace.


Remote Leadership and Communication Certificate Program is Now Here

Leading remote teams comes with a new set of challenges for a new way of working. Are you ready?

One of the biggest changes – and challenges that many leaders and organizations are facing is leading teams remotely.


Meet Like You Mean It coming May 1


  At last! The cover for our new book, "Meet Like You Mean It- a Leader's Guide to Painless and Productive Virtual Meetings is out. Look for the book May 1


Why Better Webmeetings Matter

Someone asked me recently why I spend my time talking about working remotely, and why so much of that is spent in the idea of meetings and working through technology like webinars and webmeetings. The answer is, because it matters to everyone I know, whether they've thought about it or not.


5 Ways to Turn SMEs into Webinar Gurus

This is an excerpt from today's post on It's also the topic of our presenation at ASTD International Conference and Expo in May. Look for a white paper coming soon:

Many companies today are doing more internal training (or at least informing) of their people with in-house Subject Matter Experts – otherwise (and rather confusingly) known as "SMEs" and sometimes pronounced SMEE, like Captain Hook's right-hand man. This is a good thing, but it is often not as successful as we would like.


Set Permissions for Better Webmeetings and Webinars

Think about really good team meetings you've attended. The meeting leader doesn't do everything, do they? Surely you don't have to present, hook up the computer, hand out copies, write on the board, take notes for the participants, serve the doughnuts and pour the coffee. (I'm assuming. If you are doing all those things, you need to think seriously about your delegation skills).


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