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Web Presentation Basics November 27th and 29th

  Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 11:00

Do you want to know the skills that separate great web presenters from the rest?

Join us for this 2-part webinar workshop where you’ll not only learn the best practices of great online presenters, but you’ll present and get feedback from your peers and your Greatwebmeetings.com coach.

All programs are scheduled for 11 AM Central Time (US)
NOTE:   *Part 2 of this program is scheduled for July 25 at 11 AM Central Time

To get the most from today’s web presentation tools presenters must learn what the tools can do, apply it to their work and get hands-on practice and coaching. Anything less is a waste of time. Yet, according to industry studies:

·    90% of companies are using webmeetings, webinars or virtual presentations as part of their work now
·    More than 80% of presenters never get any training or coaching on effective online presentations. They’re left to their own devices with mixed results
·    Most presenters user fewer than 25% of the available features to create interactive, engaging and effective presentations, webinars and collaborative meetings

We work with small groups on the web presentation platform of your choice to speed up adoption of the tools, comfort with their use and give greater return on your technology investment.
This course is ideal for: anyone who’s job includes presenting, training, selling or leading meetings using today’s web and virtual presentation technology

This 2-part webinar workshop is designed for up to 10 participants to allow maximum interaction and learning. The first part of the program is a 90+ minute, interactive and engaging webinar that  teaches the basics of effective online presentations, models those skills and teaches the possibilities of these tools for your participants. Part 2 is small-group, hands-on presentations on the platform they’ll actually use. They’ll get coaching from their peers and a professional, knowledgeable expert.
Course includes copies of the course visuals and a PDF, re-printable packet of planning tools they can use for future presentations.

Course objectives
At the end of this program, participants will:
·         Become familiar with the features of your web presentation tools
·         Understand how to plan an effective web presentation using the job aids and planning tools provided
·         Use the appropriate presentation and interactive tools to engage the audience
·         Develop vocal and verbal delivery skills that enhance their image as communicators
·         Deliver an engaging, interactive and effective web presentation based on the real-life demands of their job

If you or your people are expected to use web presentations, shouldn’t they be as effective and engaging as possible?
 Participants in this program may qualify for Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credit.

$395 per registrant
Enroll now. Price goes up January 2013!

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