Training and Skill Development

All our skill development programs stem from one simple premise- that true skills are learned, not inhaled. Knowledge without practice and skilled coaching is ineffective and a waste of your time and money. Trust our experts to help you find the right solution for your team.

Communicating online, whether to sell, train or manage your teams and projects is a learned skill.  We offer training and skill development in the four areas people need to use these skills the most.

How to Create and Manage Remote Teams

Managers today have team members and coworkers scattered across locations, timezones and even the globe. How can you build real teams and communicate effectively when separated by miles and technology?
Also available as an individual enrollment webinar!
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Web Presentation Basics

Many new users lack familiarity with the technology, features and challenges of presenting via the web. As a result their presentations are frequently dull, not engaging and go on too long. Plus, they won't use what they're not comfortable with, and that costs you money.  Learn best practices to plan and deliver powerful online presentations and meetings.  
Also available as an individual enrollment webinar!
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Advanced Web Presenting and Facilitating

Once they’ve mastered the basics of the web presenting platform and tools, participants are ready to take their presentation and facilitation skills to a new level of interactivity and effectiveness. This program is designed for anyone delivering web seminars (“webinars”) and instructor- led online training.
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Conducting Great Web Demos and Sales Calls

Software and capabilities demonstrations are powerful tools to engage your prospects and move sales forward, but too often they fail to achieve their goals. Learn to stop pushing information at your customers. Use web demos and presentations as a true sales tool by asking the right questions, planning for customer engagement and interaction and delivering like a pro.
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