Our Course Offerings

"All our programs stem from one simple premise- that true skills are learned, not inhaled. Knowledge without practice and skilled coaching is ineffective and a waste of your time and money. Trust our experts to help you find the right solution for your team."

Our standard programs are easily customized to help your team develop the skills they need now, not some day.

Web Presentation Basics

Many new users lack familiarity with the technology, features and challenges of presenting via the web. As a result their presentations are frequently dull, not engaging and go on too long.

In this highly interactive, web-based program, participants will learn to:

  • Identify and overcome the challenges of web presentations
  • Effectively use the basic tools and functions (tailored to your company’s presentation platform) to make presentations interactive
  • Speak and interact using verbal and vocal skills that engage your audience
  • Use templates and checklists to reduce distractions and maintain focus on outcomes

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Advanced Web Presenting and Facilitating

Once they have mastered the basics of the web presenting platform and tools, participants are ready to take their presentation and facilitation skills to a new level of interactivity and effectiveness. This program is designed for anyone delivering web seminars (“webinars”) and instructor- led training via the web.

In this follow-up to “Web Presentation Basics”, participants will learn to:

  • Use tools like polling, chat and “question monitor” (depending on platform)to increase audience engagement
  • Assess the audience for both knowledge and attitude
  • Use strategic questioning to increase audience involvement, retention and engagement
  • Organize presentations to build skill upon skill for better learning results

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Conducting Great Demos

Software and capabilities demonstrations are powerful tools to engage your prospects and move sales forward, but too often they fail to achieve their goals. In this program, participants will learn to:

  • Analyze their audience and the dynamics of the sale
  • Identify areas of particular interest and plan for special focus there
  • Use planning tools to organize their demo for the highest impact
  • Use tools like application sharing, polling and to increase audience engagement
  • Use effective vocal and verbal skills to check for understanding and objections
  • Improve facilitation skills
  • Practice real demos, in real time. They will receive coaching, feedback from their GWMC coach and their peers and be recorded for ongoing reference and reinforcement


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