helps organizations use technology to bridge communication gaps between their customers, their employees and each other. There are no shortcuts, only committed, honest work will accomplish this.

Web meetings should not be the time to catch up on your email. They should be productive times to learn, communicate, connect and get on with running your business or helping your customers take care of their mails. We can help.

With professional training, coaching and the right tools, Your subject matter experts can use any web platform to deliver powerful, targeted and engaging presentations, training and demos.

Our latest satisfied customer:

"I saw immediate improvement in our online demos after the class. The student who took "Conducting Great Web Demos" was more able to directly engage our customers and keep them involved during the session, and was more sales focused. I would definitely consider using you again."

John O'Neill, CEO, SourceGear

"Cambridge Consulting has benefited greatly from the support provided by The feedback provided was highly beneficial, and we could apply it immediately to our demos with prospects and existing clients".

Dave Po-Chedley, Principal Cambridge Consulting, Inc

Are you getting the results you need from your webmeetings, training and product demos?

The odds are you're not, because studies show that most sales presentations and demos are given by subject matter experts who know their subject intimately but don't possess the presentation skills or sales savvy to do more than push information to their audience- your customers and employees.

Our experts can help you:

  • Shorten sales cycles by engaging your audience and focus on their critical issues, not just features
    and benefits
  • Enhance your personal and corporate image by using virtual presentation tools to their fullest potential
  • Improve buy-in and retention when you use these tools for internal training and communication

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At we're committed...... to get the maximum return on your investment in whichever platform you use. Our unique approach will change the way you and your team look at these tools. Use them to really communicate and connect. Talk to a representative today and see how our training and consulting services help you separate yourself from the crowd, shorten sales cycles and hit those ambitious quotas.