Dimdim asks us to present for them....

Web conferencing provider Dimdim has asked me to present a webinar to kick off their "Freedom" Webinar series. It's called "The Freedom to Manage- Guerilla Managing Your Remote Team Your Way".

June 26th, 2008 11am Eastern Time

To register, just go to www.dimdim.com and look for their "Featured Meetings". You'll receive your invite by mail.

Are you tired of waiting for approval from the folks upstairs for
budget to manage your remote team the way you want to manage it? The
nice lady from HR won’t approve your training request? We’re going to
look at 4 ways managers of remote teams can take control of things and
help their team work better at little or not cost.

Anyone managing teams across time zones or leading virtual projects
(all the responsibility and none of the financial authority) will find
something of use and you’ll learn from managers around the world as