About Us

Thank you for being here!

If you've come this far, you're obviously interested in what the folks at greatwebmeetings.com can do for you, so it's only right we tell you about us.

We are a new company with a great background in helping companies present, sell and communicate over the web.

Our president, Wayne Turmel, has a long history as a presenter, trainer and expert in management and communication skills. he has taught Presentation Skills and Sales to Fortune 500 clients in his role as Director of Faculty for Communispond. His work has been published by American Society for Training and Development, American Management Association, and other respected publishers.

For the last 5 years he has been focused on teaching people how to use web-based presentation tools to do more than present, but to communicate and connect. His passion for the topic stems to his background, not as a technology buff (no geek is he!) but as someone committed to helping people get the best out of their people and themselves no matter the medium.

He is also a writer and broadcaster, whose work shows the balance of humor and serious learning that is our trademark. The Cranky Middle Manager Show has tens of thousands of listeners around the world, and his "View From the Middle" column on www.management-issues.com is one of the most widely read management resources on the Web.

Wayne lives in Glen Ellyn, IL with his wife Joan, Daughter Nora and Jacky the Wonder Dog.