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Basic Information
The unique identifier of the view; it is only important for overridden views and views that modules or themes will need to use. Only alphanumeric and _ allowed here
Only the checked roles will be able to see this view in any form; if no roles are checked, access will not be restricted.
A description of the view for the admin list.
If checked this view will be provided as a page. If not checked, the fields in this group will be ignored.
Enter the URL to use for this view in the form of 'dir/dir'. Do not begin or end the URL with a /. Example: 'view/tracker'. This is required if providing a page view. You can also add $arg as a placeholder for arguments passed in the URL, for example 'user/$arg/tracker' or 'node/$arg/related'. Note that any arguments listed here will be required, even if they are listed as optional below. You do not need to list arguments at the end of the path. Do not try to use URLs such as taxonomy/term/$arg.
How the nodes should be displayed to the user.
The title that be shown at the top of the view. May be blank. This title ignores arguments; if you want your title to take arguments into account, use the "title" field in the arguments section.
If checked this query may be multiple pages. If not checked this query will be one page.
If checked the breadcrumb trail for this page will discard "Home". Usually you will not set this, but this is used for the Front Page View, where it IS Home and should not leave a trail to itself.
The number of nodes to display per page. If 0, all nodes will be displayed. If not using a pager, this will be the maximum number of nodes in the list.
If checked this view will be provided as a block. If checked title may not be blank.
How the nodes should be displayed to the user.
The title that will be shown at the top of the block. May be blank.
If using a block, the maximum number of items to display in the block. Pagers are not used in blocks.
If using a view as both a page and a block, display a more link in the block that links to the view URL?
NameLabelHandlerOptionSortableDefault SortOps
Node: Title
Display the title of the node.

Add Field

Fields are only meaningful with List view and Table View; they allow you to choose which fields are presented and in what order.

Argument TypeDefaultTitleOptionWildcardWildcard SubOps
RSS: RSS Feed Selector
This argument specifies a specific RSS feed selector; it will only select RSS feeds, unlike the built-in selector which can select pluggable feeds. You may enter the title the feed will advertise in the title field here, and the description of the feed in the option field here.

Add Argument

Arguments are parsed directly from the URL. They are not necessary to any given view, but allow flexibility.

Node: Type
Include or exclude nodes of the selected types.
Node: Published
Filter by whether or not the node is published. This is recommended for most Views!

Add Filter

Filters allow you to select a subset of all the nodes to display. All Filters are ANDed together.

Sort Criteria
Node: Created Time
Sort by the submission date of the node.

Add criteria