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  • Cranky Middle Manager Wayne Turmel talks to Rob Goffee about his book Clever- Leading Your Smartest, Most Creative People. Of course, I’m supremely unqualified to do so, but we have fun anyway. Also, how the Trojan War makes the same point, and watch for a new “How to Create and Manage Remote Teams” webinar workshop coming next month.

  • Today Wayne Turmel talks about something that makes him cranky- reward and recognition. Author Chester Elton joins him to talk about his book, “The Carrot Principle”. We also discuss the worst Reward and Recognition program in history and “How to Create and Manage Virtual Teams” is now available to deliver to your whole company.

  • I will be leading a webinar for newbies called, Webinar 101, on September 1 at 2 PM Central time. Please join me if you’d like to learn the basics of doing successful webcasts.

    Now, this is done in conjunction with a platform called Netbriefings. I have worked with them in the past and they’re good folks. Their area of focus is videocasting ( a mixed blessing when you look like me) and that will be an area you might not have heard me address before.

  • Wayne Turmel, “The Cranky Middle Manager”, welcomes Arlene Johnson to talk about Success Mapping.  What do you want out of your career? Do you even know? It’s critical to your company and your personal mental health. Also, Wayne goes on a rant about why snobs look down at Middle Managers and we quote Thomas Jefferson, who knew a thing or two about achieving success in spite of himself.

  • One of my favorite people in the management space is Lisa Haneberg. She’s been a guest on the show numerous times and i often link to her work. Well a couple of things happened recently you might want to check out.

  • Today Wayne Turmel talks to Anil Saxena of Cube 214 about building trust with virtual teams, and how to work cross-culturally without starting a war. Speaking of which, we salute  the guy from Glory and take 2100 year old motherly advice. Quit pouting and listen up.