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  • Seems like no matter how well we plan them, projects get away from us. Wayne Turmel talks to Ron Holohan of PM411 about the three reasons projects slip. Also we look at the project manager of the Tower of Babel, a quote from a cranky Frenchman and we look at a new Cranky Middle Manager audio CD- The Cranky Middle Manager’s Guide to Project Management.

  • Today we look at something that makes everyone cranky- the annual performance review. What do they really accomplish? If you ask Sam Culbert, author of “Get Rid of the Performance Review: How companies can stop intimidating, start managing and focus on what really matters”, the answer is not a whole lot. Also we look at an official witchfinder and recite a little doggerel verse just because we’re bored.

  • Wayne Turmel knows a thing or two about failure, but that doesn’t mean he likes it. So why is Erik Van Slyke telling managers to embrace it? Because that’s where innovation and invention come from. We don’t have to like it but we do have to get used to it, it would seem. Also the last king of Jerusalem and a Romantic Poet share what they know about the topic.

  • Today Wayne Turmel looks at the consulting industry: who are they, where’d they come from and why do they torture us? Author Walter Kiechel III, author of “The Lords of Strategy- A Secret Intellectual History of The New Corporate World” joins us. We also talk Ottoman outsourcing and the triumphant return of Francis Bacon.