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  • Managing a scattered group of people has never been easy, but it has been done throughout history. Technology helps a lot. Clear thinking helps even more. Just look at how Genghis Khan did it.
  • Many people who work remotely feel that those who work under the bosses' noses receive preferential treatment - as if they are viewed more as tolerated stepchildren than members of the "real" family.
  • A get-together over food is a great way for a team to bond. But what do you do when the team members are separated by miles, culture and even armed border patrols?
  • Webcams ought to be great tools for connecting and creating good working relationships. The trouble is, many of us forget (or just don't know) the two golden rules for using them.
  • There's a problem that we are all part of it that leads to the waste of billions of dollars every year. It's easily avoidable but very little is ever done about it. I'm talking about meetings.
  • There's one simple rule that's true of all communication tools and cool software. No matter how fancy the interface or earth-shattering the functionality it has, none of it is worth a darn unless people are motivated to use it - and capable when they need to.
  • "Do unto others as you want them to do to you" is generally very good advice. But if you're the leader of a remote team, it has a glaring weakness and can often land you in trouble.
  • Would you send someone skiing down a mountain if all you did first was show them a video? Probably not. Yet that's how many of us learn to use web presentation tools.