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  • If you suspect that using the internet is impacting your brain, you're right. If you suspect those changes might not all be for the better, you're right there, too.
  • If I've made one mistake in my management career, it's clinging to the idea that a lack of bad news means that there's no bad news to be found. And it's an error that has bitten me more than once.
  • Are you a meeting facilitator? Are you sure? Do you make meetings easier or not? If not, then you're not a facilitator. Let me explain.
  • Have you ever been frustrated with trying to train your team members or employees on new technology? Here's a radical solution to that old problem: how about we teach people what they actually want to know?
  • Many things in life are necessary but annoying. And nothing seems to fit both categories at once quite like email. So here are five simple things everyone can do with their emails that will help make everyone less generally cranky:
  • Faith is a wonderful thing. But today's project and functional teams are better off running on trust. It's subjective, it's built on measurable results and can be restored through hard work on both parts.
  • Do you think you're more productive when you work somewhere other than the office? Do you think your boss would agree? The findings of a new survey on remote working make for interesting reading.