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  • When you're delivering a webinar, it's easy to overlook the annotation tools - highlighters, circlers and the like. But using them can help clarify complicated visual information and keep your attendees from answering email instead of paying attention.
  • A key role of the modern manager is helping people learn as a team. And one way to encapsulate what this means is to think of the manager as a curator – a role with many similarities to that of a museum curator.
  • We often like to think of ourselves as perfectionists. But does everyone on your team have the same idea of what "perfect" is? Turns out there are (at least) three ways of defining it.
  • The tone of a team is set by its leader. So try loosening up a bit. Having fun doesn't mean you're not good at your job. In fact, research shows that when you're doing your best work it is actually - dare we say - fun.
  • One of the most powerful reasons to use a webmeeting or virtual conference over a simple conference call is also one of the least-utilized features of these tools. I'm talking about the "white board".
  • There are plenty of factors determining the success or failure of a webmeeting. But there is one that will set you up for success above all others.
  • Since web meetings are essentially unavoidable, what can we do to make them as effective as face to face meetings? well, start by staying focused, learning your platform and getting competent.
  • The way you and your team work today is probably very different to how you imagined it just a couple of years ago. But what about the next 10 years?
  • There are a number of reasons that potentially useful software tools get left unused or are abandoned. Here are the three main reasons - and what you can do about them.